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INOMETA is a technological leader for the development, production and finishing of technical lightweight design products made of aluminum and fiber composites such as CFRP and GRP. We are specialized in high-end and innovative lightweight design solutions, as well as the development and production of functional surfaces.

The product portfolio ranges from web guide rollers, roller tubes, heated rollers, anilox rollers, winding cores, technical pipes and printing adapters all paired with highly versatile functional coatings for all of our rollers. With our product range, we are able to cover the entire spectrum of rotating elements for the film, paper, printing, packaging and battery industry.

The use of rolls made of aluminum or composite materials in high-performance machines puts extremely high demands on surfaces. INOMETA develops and manufactures tailor-made coatings for various industrial applications. As needed, materials such as ceramics, metal, tungsten carbide or high-performance plastics are applied in controlled processes. In this way, we develop coating solutions for individual needs with maximum flexibility. Durable anti-adhesion properties, electrical or thermal insulation and/or conductivity, traction or sliding properties as well as corrosion and wear resistance are features that ensure your processes and continuously improve and thus reduce your production costs significantly. Our exemplary development skills in coating processes with advanced composites (CFRP/GFRP) create new industrial standards which ensure that our customers have a constant competitive advantage.

As a pioneer in the industrial use of fiber-reinforced plastics, we are now experts and technology leaders in the development and production of technical roller products made from CFRP in lengths of up to 15 meters. Its high degree of flexibility and diverse fields of application enable us to create outstanding customized roller solutions for countless application areas
Your partner for large roller service
Our extensive machinery facilities allow us to carry out all necessary service work quickly and efficiently. Our competent employees have many years of experience and are familiar with the special requirements of the roller service. We are now in a position to work with rollers up to 15 m in length and with a diameter of up to 2 m. The maximum production weight is up to 20 tons, depending on the required service scope.


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