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Founded in 1997, HD MicroSystems (HDM) is a 50-50 joint venture of Showa Denko K.K. and DuPont. HD MicroSystems is the world’s largest supplier of liquid polyimide and PBO precursor chemistries specifically engineered for microelectronic applications. Applied and cured by our customers, these materials transform into polyimide and PBO films with unique end use properties. HDM's product line is broad, consisting of photosensitive coatings, standard non-photosensitive coatings, high temperature adhesives, optically clear coatings and a full line of complementary ancillary products. HDM polymeric materials are the process-of-record (POR) with many front-end wafer applications for interlayer dielectrics (ILD) and stress buffer coatings (SB), as well as back-end advanced packaging technologies such as Flip Chip, WL-CSP, along with redistribution dielectrics layers (RDL) and bonding adhesives (temporary and permanent) for 3D/TSV and wafer thinning applications. Our liquid polymers have been used for over 2 decades in high volume roll-to-roll slot-die and now gravure coating methods for fine-patterned micro-circuits and Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE).

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