WHC Technical Topic: Weighty Words: Profile

By Dr. David R. Roisum

Profile is the variation of something, across the width of the web. That something could be internal rejects or customer returns. Those waste and delay items could be correlated or even caused by variations of web properties and/or specific machine quality metrics. Sometimes the cause of the profile is web-handling-related, such as a crooked roller or nip. More commonly, it is caused by poor web manufacturing or processing quality such as coating uniformity or temperature uniformity.

It is the challenge for the good troubleshooter, when possible, to connect the correct upstream root cause for the web profile to some downstream internal reject or customer return. That is not always an easy task but will be made much much easier by considering what we will cover here shortly.

Web201.75g - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvRGA5YfMKU