Rol-Vac LP opens new on-site warehouse to accommodate growing sales, manufacturing

Dayville, CT-based Rol-Vac LP, an independent vacuum-metallizer and slitter of various films and substrates, has opened a new 30,000-sq-ft warehouse adjacent to its current manufacturing facility. The on-site warehouse expansion allows for much needed additional space due to the company’s growth in sales and manufacturing.

In 2018, Rol-Vac added a new Parkinson slitter/rewinder system in the manufacturing area, bringing its total number of slitters to five, and in 2020, a larger investment was made to add a new state-of-the-art, 96-in.-wide Applied Materials vacuum metallizer, bringing the number of metallizers to four. 

President of Rol-Vac Milan Moscaritolo adds, "The new warehouse is just another step in a multi-pronged, multi-year growth strategy for Rol-Vac, that has allowed expansion of production, technology advancements, product and market expansion and, most importantly, sales and job growth."

Rol-Vac offerings include contract metallizing and slitting; an inventory hold program; custom specialty films and metals; and short-run R&D services.

More info: www.rolvac.com860-928-9929.