GAA to combine operations with AIMCAL


April 20, 2021—Greenville, SC—The board of directors and membership of the Gravure Association of the Americas (GAA) have voted unanimously to combine with the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL). The deal also has been unanimously approved by the AIMCAL board of directors and is expected to be finalized by Aug. 31, 2021, pending the positive outcome of due diligence activities.  

The agreement with GAA creates an organization with a common mission, organizational structure, and programming; a strong financial foundation; and a total of nearly 350 members devoted to materials, products, equipment, and services related to roll-to-roll technologies such as gravure printing and coating, web handling, solution, extrusion, and vacuum web coating, metallizing, and laminating. GAA members will automatically become members of AIMCAL.

“With the merger, GAA gains access to new partners and customers, and AIMCAL broadens its scope in the converting industry and its international presence,” says AIMCAL President Dante Ferrari. He adds, “We are stronger together. This is a good move for the converting industry and members of both groups. It also supports AIMCAL’s goal to forge partnerships with other segments of the converting industry.”

“GAA is excited to be joining forces with an organization devoted to promoting roll-to-roll technologies and related education and training opportunities,” says GAA Chairman Luigi P. DeFlaviis Jr. “Together we will benefit from our shared expertise in event planning; awards competitions; industry training, certification, and scholarship programs; publications; technical resources; and regulatory and environmental concerns.”

GAA will become a standing committee of AIMCAL and continue to be known as GAA (Gravure AIMCAL Alliance). Its current leadership and board members will remain involved. The committee will advise on the integration of GAA activities into AIMCAL programming, organize GAA events, services, and training sessions, and continue to promote the gravure process worldwide. Programs like the GAA Golden Cylinder award competition and virtual Basic Gravure Seminar are scheduled to take place this year and will be maintained going forward as will the GAA Website,

 “The AIMCAL Community welcomes GAA members as we work together to educate, connect, and grow the gravure printing and coating segment of the roll-to-roll converting industry,” says AIMCAL Executive Director Chris Kerscher. He notes, “Our industry plays an important role in the printing and production of many critical industrial and consumer goods. Combining forces with GAA enhances our training materials and creates strong networking opportunities.”

About AIMCAL, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

AIMCAL, the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, represents converters of metallized, coated, and laminated flexible substrates and their suppliers. Founded in 1970, membership stands at nearly 350 companies. A global group, AIMCAL promotes the growth and prosperity of the converting industry and member companies via an array of technical and marketing services. Membership information is available online at

About GAA, Denver, North Carolina, USA

The Gravure Association of the Americas (GAA) promotes the gravure printing process for publication printing, package printing, and product printing. It was formed in 2013 when the Gravure Association of America merged into the Packaging and Label Gravure Association Global. A network of GAA councils provides a forum for the exchange of information, addresses concerns, and encourages the use of gravure technology. The intaglio process produces fine, detailed images and operates the fastest and widest printing presses in the world. Gravure was the first printing process to employ a totally digital environment. More information is available at