Bryce Corp. orders two Universal Converting Equipment slitter/rewinders at K 2022

Following a meeting at the recent K 2022 in Germany, Bryce Corporation ordered another two Universal X8 slitting machines from Universal Converting Equipment. The Universal X8 is a highly automated slitting machine. This new order follows a major installation of an Automated Slitting Operation at Bryce's Searcy, AR, facility based on Universal X8 slitting machines.

Mike Wilkinson, Sales Executive of Universal Converting Equipment, says, “I have known Bryce Corp. for over 40 years and have sold them a lot of equipment over that time. The Universal X8 is a unique machine in how technology has been used to overcome problems that have previously prevented higher productivity. It is great to stand and watch the machine producing set after set of finished rolls without an operator present. The Bryce Corporation has a tradition of investing in tomorrow’s technology to stay at the forefront in the flexible food packaging industry. This new order has followed the success of the recently installed automated slitting and roll handling system at Bryce.”

Bryce President Sean Bowie adds, “The Bryce Corporation is committed to making long-term investment decisions to ensure they have the Best-in-Class processing equipment to cope with the increased demands from our customers. One of the greatest benefits of this system is the reduced amount of manual lifting required by our value stream team members. We have also recently announced the start of building a new factory in Searcy that will employ an additional 142 people. The novel ideas from Universal Converting Equipment fit with our desire to look for next-generation solutions rather than buying the status quo.

This new order follows the recent installation of an Automated Slitting Operation at the Searcy location of Bryce Corporation. Bryce is a major US supplier of flexible food packaging with the capability to serve both the long-run and short-run production orders. Bryce’s previous slitting operation did not meet the needs of their growing markets. They needed machines with automatic set up to allow job changes in a few minutes together with minimal stop time on completion of a set of finished rolls. Most importantly, the slitting machines had to produce high-quality rolls consistently with minimal operator lifting and intervention.