Berry Global unveils first US commercial cleanroom for 9-layer blown-film manufacturing

Evansville, IN-based Berry Global Group, Inc., announces its new commercial-scale cleanroom for blown film, supporting its growing healthcare business in rigorous healthcare and pharmaceutical applications.

The ISO 7 class cleanroom can produce nine-layer blown films. The new installation fully encloses commercial-scale production of Berry’s proprietary nine-layer blown film from extrusion to packaging, a first in the United States. The addition further enhances Berry’s ability to supply more sensitive applications such as sterile intravenous solution bags, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment manufacturing, and microchip packaging.

Installed in Berry’s existing Dalton, GA, facility, the cleanroom provides a controlled environment, complete with FDA-approved lubricants and contact surfaces, and a 100%  inspection system for real-time defect detection for quality assurance. Berry’s new clean room installation reduces foreign particulates by up to 99.9% compared to a conventional production environment. Customers will benefit from Berry’s globally recognized expertise in material science, combining multiple layers for optimal product performance and reliability for the most delicate applications. In addition, the newly installed blown film line can be monitored remotely, upholding the integrity of the clean room.

“The addition of the United States’ first commercial-scale, fully enclosed clean room manufacturing provides customers with optimal product safety for the specific needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical applications,” says Curt Begle, president of Berry’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Div. “This enhanced capability, paired with our unmatched supply reliability, means customers can benefit from a dependable supply of films for the most sensitive of applications, allowing customers to avoid recalls and potential waste due to package contaminants.”

In combination with the cleanroom introduction, Berry adds Optym™ PURE to its portfolio of high-performing films for medical device packaging. As an extension of the company’s existing Optym™, Optym PURE offers ultra-clean packaging films produced in a cleanroom environment. Berry is reportedly the only manufacturer to provide this nine-layer blown film from a cleanroom environment. With Optym PURE, customers will benefit from Berry’s proprietary nine-layer forming web, which balances high-value and cost-effective materials for maintained performance at a competitive price.

With sustainability in mind, Optym PURE is downgauged in comparison to existing structures by 25%. The new film pairs with Berry’s advanced sealant technology for a wider seal window.