Classroom Courses

The Converting School Classroom Courses are held throughout the year and offer attendees a first-hand, two day experience to learn from the best in the industry. Ask questions and network with others in the industry, all while earning your certification in your area of interest.

Hybrid Courses

We understand that you want to learn at your own pace, but also want to interact with the course instructors. Our Hybrid Courses will allow you do to just that! Sign up for a month long segmented course, and meet with the instructor at the end of each week so you can have your questions answered directly!

Online Courses

The Converting School Online Courses offer a great learning experience in your area of interest, on your schedule. Sign up and learn at your own pace by watching expert videos and completing quizzes to earn your certification. 


What will attendees receive?
Each course is organized to bring real-world experience and knowledge to the technical and production challenges facing the converting industry. Though all of the courses include theory, emphasis is placed on practical problem-solving techniques. Each session also is tailored to the attendees present to maximize take-home value. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and challenges in the informal classroom setting so the instructor can incorporate their experiences and challenges in the lectures. Every student will leave with new knowledge and tools to boost the efficiency and productivity of their manufacturing process, reduce waste, and increase product quality and consistency.

Who will benefit from attending?
AIMCAL Converting School courses are designed for engineers and other experienced converting professionals including lead operators, foremen, and maintenance, quality assurance, sales, and customer service personnel. Course content is tailored to manufacturers and converters of web products and also to machine builders, component suppliers, and material suppliers.

Why get your training from a trade association?

AIMCAL is a non-profit entity owned by its member companies from around the globe. It's mission and purpose are to serve the converting industry. The focus of the association is web coating/converting technology and its proper application. AIMCAL is NOT a for profit company hoping to sell products under the auspices of technical training. Converting School instructors share in the profits from Converting School and are therefore actively involved in making the courses the best available. We are confident that you will receive the best commercial-free instruction in the industry resulting in improved efficiencies, productivity and profitability to those who apply the knowledge gained in the Converting School courses.

Comments from past attendees:

"Great class! I am new to the industry and this really helped"

"Very informative course. The instructor made some very complicated information very relatable."

"Very well taught and detailed! And appreciate the info provided for future use."

"The general expectation when returning from training is to make "application" level use of the topics. Your review helps in this regard"

"Very helpful to understand the ... technology that's out there and industry best practices."

"Great course. Learned a lot. Did not realize how much I did not know."

"I have gained more knowledge in 2 days than I have in the last year. First class, excellent content, excellent instructor! Thanks!