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Parent Company: Applied Materials, Inc.

Global sales offices: [email protected]

Business Description: Applied Materials, Inc. is the global leader in providing innovative equipment, services and software to enable the manufacture of advanced semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic products. Applied's WEB Coating is the leading supplier of advanced roll-to-roll vacuum coating systems that deposit thin films for flexible electronics, packaging, and advanced technology applications. Our technologies help make innovations like smartphones, flat screen TVs and solar panels more affordable and accessible to consumers and businesses around the world.

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SmartWeb™ - for touch panels, flexible display and electronics, optical layer stacks, medical devices and advanced technology applications in sputtering.

TopMet™ Product Family*** for packaging, labels, gift wrap, barrier and decorative applications, flexible films and paper-coatings.

***TopMet™ - The leading evaporation metallizer in the packaging industry; recognized as the industry standard for its flexibility, productivity, quality and reliability.

***TopMet™ CLEAR - Advanced technology for transparent coatings with improved water vapor and oxygen barriers.

***TopMet HIRES™ - Designed for very high-volume metallized flexible packaging applications based on the TopMet coating system with higher coating speed and a larger width.

***TopMet™ IP - For differentiated packaging, such as patterning gray scale, and via inline printing on polymeric substrates and paper.

TopBeam™ - A high-power solution for the application of transparent or metallic coatings utilizing an electron beam evaporation technology on a wide variety of films and paper substrates for barrier and anti-counterfeit deposition.

TopCoil™ - Evaporation system based on induction heated, crucible evaporation source.

Key Sales Contact:

Robert Schreutelkamp

Director Global Sales & Services R2R Coating Products

Display and Flexible Technology Group

Applied Materials

Siemenstrasse 100

Alzenau, 63755 Germany

Phone: +31-23565-6778

Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 2:

Dr. Axel Metz

Director Product Management

Display and Flexible Technology Group

Applied Materials WEB Coating GmbH

Siemensstrasse 100

63755 Alzenau, Germany

Phone: +49-6023926006

Email: [email protected]

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