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Bรผhler LEYBOLD OPTICS is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum coating systems and processes for thin film technology. The main focus of Leybold optics is on evaporation, sputtering, and plasma-assisted coating processes for precisison, optical, web, architectural & automotive glass and special applications. Leybold Optics is a proven, reliable partner for the vacuum industry and research institutions, with a pioneering history that stretches back over 150 years. This continuing tradition of research and development has produced constant technical innovations, resulting in new technologies and processes that make Leybold Optics one of the top producers for the worldwide market.

Products: The LEYBOLD OPTICS 'Web' division offers innovative systems for the coating of capacitor (CAP-M) and packaging films (PRO-M). The combination of flexibility, rigorous engineering, and advanced technical features ensures ease of maintenance, maximum productivity, and low cost of ownership.
The PRO-M series is available in a range of sizes accommodating web widths from 1.3m to 3.3 m and above, with processes for a whole range of substrates including PET, BOPP, CPP, LDPE, Nylon, and Paper at web speeds up to 14m/sec. The host of options includes pre-treatment, enhanced web cooling and thermal control, and on-line thickness and resistance monitoring.
The CAP-M series provides similar flexible capabilities for manufacturers of high and low power capacitor films in widths of 650, 600, and 900mm, at speeds up to 18m/sec. The advanced drum cooling system, coupled with the Super Bias feature, ensures wrinkle free films and allows coating of PET film of only 0.9 ยตm thickness. High precision pattern and free margin generation is by oil injection, while the state of the art monitoring system continually measures the electrical and physical properties of the deposited structure across the entire width of the web.

The META-M, brand new metallizer with 2900 mm coating width, Leybold Optics offers speed processing solutions with up to 20 m/s substrate speed. From scratch, all critical components such as high rate evaporator, high speed winding system and substrate cooling, are designed and optimized in an integral concept. Thus productivities above 15m/s can be realized for optical densities of 2.2. META - M is the latest innovation in the portfolio. With its completely new design for high rate disposition and fastest process speeds.

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