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Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions: Bobst North America Inc. is a subsidiary of Bobst Group. BOBST are one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board industries. The BOBST vision is shaping a new reality where connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability are the cornerstones of packaging production. BOBST continues to deliver best-in-class machines, and is now adding intelligence, software capabilities and cloud-based platforms, to make packaging production better than ever.
Products: BOBST Business Unit Printing and Converting includes vacuum web coating and metallizing solutions, as well as world leading technologies in gravure printing, flexo printing, inline flexo printing, digital printing and coating and laminating processes.

Products & Processes
oneBARRIER Process – BOBST and partners have developed a cost effective mono-material EVOH-free solution suitable for recycling. oneBARRIER helps to achieve even higher mono-material content to satisfy tightening circular economy legislation. It delivers an opaque or clear topcoat-free mono-material solution.

AluBond® Process - An innovative approach to address poor metal adhesion through its vacuum metallizers, eliminating the need for chemically treated films. High bonding strength is achieved on any substrate with the BOBST AluBond® unique metallizing process. When applied to BOPP and CPP, AluBond® also provides enhancement of oxygen and water vapor barrier levels.

AlOx Conversion Process - The BOBST simple and efficient AlOx vacuum deposition process for single layer application onto clear films has been well-established in the market for many years. The result is high barrier properties with a thin inorganic oxide layer that provides excellent coating uniformity and transparency. In addition, the BOBST Integrated Solution for the conversion of AlOx transparent barrier films incorporates the application of an off-line topcoat to protect and enhance barrier functionality during conventional conversion processes such as printing and lamination. For BOPP substrates, the AlOx GEN II process provides high barrier with transparency off the machine.

oneECG Process - Extended Color Gamut printing (ECG) is a process to digitize color matching, thus making it stable, easy, repeatable, consistent and independent of human interpretation. ECG refers to a set of inks - 4 and beyond, but typically 7- to achieve a color gamut larger than the traditional CMYK ensuring color repeatability irrespective of operator’s skill. oneECG for gravure printing presses is developed for Extended Color Gamut printing using solvent-based and water-based inks to achieve the highest color stability, repeatability and print consistency worldwide.

DarkNight® Process - To meet increasingly demanding standards in the flexible packaging industry for barrier applications and products with longer shelf life, BOBST has developed DarkNight®, a unique and innovative process to produce high barrier metallized films through its EXPERT K5 and VISION K5 vacuum metallizing platforms.

Key Sales Contact:
Kevin McNally
North America Sales Manager
Bobst North America Inc
+1 610 984 7488
[email protected]


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