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For more information on the Women's Leadership Committee, please contact the committee chair:

Chair: Ginger Cushing

G Prime LLC

(203) 257-7657

[email protected]


Co-Chair: Doris Shellhorse


[email protected]

Welcome to the Women's Leadership Committee

The Women's Leadership Committee will serve AIMCAL by:

  • Recruiting more women per member company to participate in AIMCAL
  • Inviting women in non-member companies to join and participate in AIMCAL
  • Providing Women's Leadership Committee representation to other AIMCAL committees
  • Sponsoring track(s) at conferences and meetings


Mission & Vision

The Women’s Leadership Committee mission is to:

  • Encourage women to be AIMCAL leaders through participation in activities such as technical committee membership, writing and presenting papers, conducting webinars, developing educational courses and contributing content to Converting Quarterly. 
  • Advance leadership skills by becoming a technical committee chair, technical advisor and/or assuming a seat on the Board of Directors.
  • Sustain and grow our industry by increasing membership and mentoring the next generation of AIMCAL women.

The Women's Leadership Committee will unify and inspire the leadership of women globally in the flexible metallizing, coating and laminating industry.

WISE Scholarship

The Women in Industry Scholarship for Excellence (WISE) is intended to commend women who have overcome significant challenges, chose employment in the roll-to-roll converting sector, and are continuing to make important contributions in the industry. Recipients of the scholarship will receive funds to directly pay down student debt.

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