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For more information on the Web Handling Committee, please contact the committee chair:

Chair: Andy Palmer

Procter & Gamble

 [email protected]

Welcome to the Web Handling Committee

Our committee consists of industry experts who have demonstrated knowledge of web handling based on science and decades of practical application. Web handling is a broad topic that includes making webs, slitting, winding, unwinding and converting.  A primary goal of web handling is to transport the material from end to end without incurring defects and losses. Common web handling challenges include wrinkles, floppy edges, baggy lanes, tension control, lamination, machine direction registration, web guiding, winding, roll quality, unwinds, converting, and process design.



Mission & Vision

  • Educate sponsor companies on web handling best practices
  • Connect members to discuss common challenges and potential solutions
  • Grow the technical capabilities of the sponsor companies
  • Foster innovation in web handling