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For more information on the Vacuum Web Coating Committee, please contact the committee chair:

Chair: Mike Simmons


((970) 692-2335

 [email protected]

Co-Chair: Robert Malay


(502) 936-0377

[email protected]

European Chair: James Shipman


+44(0)1842 757 916

[email protected]

Welcome to the Vacuum Web Coating Committee

The Vacuum Web Coating Committee works to provide AIMCAL, and its conference attendees the most recent advances and activities regarding vacuum coating technologies. This includes physical and chemical vapor deposition technologies across a wide variety of markets, from packaging and aesthetics to flexible electronics and battery applications. The committee brings in experts from across the industry, from both technical and business perspectives, to ensure AIMCAL is at the cutting edge of vacuum coating technology.



Mission & Vision

To assemble the highest quality industrial and academic advances in vacuum coatings and related applications and facilitate the distribution of knowledge among AIMCAL attendees.

To ensure a depth of knowledge, expertise, and skill among the vacuum coating industry. As well as, facilitate the distribution of knowledge among AIMCAL attendees.