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For more information on the Gravure AIMCAL Alliance Committee, please contact the committee chair:

Chair: Jim Garvey

INX International Ink Co.

 [email protected]

Co-Chair: John Rastetter


[email protected]

Secretary: Rod Sosa

Fres-co System USA, Inc.

[email protected]


Welcome to the Gravure AIMCAL Alliance Committee

By supporting Gravure AIMCAL Alliance you will ensure that you and your organization are included and informed of developments within the Gravure process.

GAA is defined by its members, we encourage participation and strive to address concerns and nurture ideas.

Training and conference programs are designed to share accumulated knowledge and experience from across the entire Gravure Industry.

AIMCAL membership also delivers access to unparalleled knowledge of the extended metallizing, coating and laminating supply chain.



Mission & Vision

Gravure AIMCAL Alliance will promote the growth of Gravure by understanding customers’ needs, demonstrating advantages of the Gravure process, promoting operational efficiencies, cultivating innovation, and promoting Gravure Education. The alliance will collect and distribute information to increase industry knowledge, while fostering an environment that builds relationships and a spirit of cooperation between member companies worldwide.