Product of the Year | Transfer Metallizing PLUS Custom Holography
Technology of the Year | New Unwind Technology
Sustainability of the Year | Recyclable Laminate Wet Wipes


Product of the Year | Holographic Folding Carton

Technology of the Year | Solventless, Food-Grade, Sustainable, Laminating Adhesive

Sustainability of the Year | Post-Consumer Recycled Content Barrier Film 


Product of the Year | Holographic Cosmetic Carton

Technology of the Year | Metallized Film for Insulated Shipping Case

Sustainability of the Year | Adcote™ HP laminating adhesive


Product of the Year | Microbe Resistant Overlaminate

Technology of the Year | Solventless Adhesive Lamination

Sustainability of the Year | Metallizing, Coating & Laminating Box Wrap for Gift Box


Product of the Year| Metallized Toothpaste Carton with Holographic Background

Technology of the Year | Mold Release Film

Sustainability of the Year | Bio-Based Lidding Film