The most significant new technologies having an impact on the converting industry or the consuming market will be chosen for the AIMCAL Technology Awards.

The competition is divided into categories, with awards for technical excellence given by category.  The winners of the Technology of the Year Award and the Product of the Year are chosen from these finalists.  Individual permanent plaques are awarded to winners.  Winners are publicly announced at the annual meeting as well as receiving recognition in global trade publications, industry trade shows and on the AIMCAL web sites.  


Eligibility Requirements

  • New technology, developed by an AIMCAL member, introduced within the last 5 years. 
  • Defined broadly, new technology includes any product, material, process, equipment or system of scientific or technical origin.
  • An entry previously submitted, but not winning, may be resubmitted.
  • More than one entry may be submitted.


Basic Criteria on which Entries are Judged

  • Features and benefits - immediate and projected long-term.
  • Impact on the Industry.
  • General technical importance, uniqueness and usefulness.
  • Degree of technical contribution by the applicant company to the total technology (when more than one company is involved in the same technology).



  • A fee of $75 per entry, payable to AIMCAL, is required for this competition.


Judging and Confidentiality

  • Judging will be conducted by a team of independent, nonaffiliated associates selected from diversified market areas.
  • The AIMCAL staff receives the entries, dates and forwards to the Moderator and Judges for review.
  • The AIMCAL staff may generally describe the entry for AIMCAL procedural purposes but avoid specific descriptions that may give away proprietary information.
  • Judges are instructed to maintain the confidentiality of entries always.


Entry Procedure

  • AIMCAL members may submit unlimited entries.
  • Each entry must be in English on an official entry form, or accompany an official entry form with the information provided in the same order and format as described on the official entry form.
  • Descriptive literature and photographs of the technology may be included.  Please include a minimum of six (6) copies of each item.
  • Clearly label proprietary information as proprietary.
  • Send entries with the $75 per entry to: AIMCAL Technology Awards Competition, 150 Executive Center Drive Suite 201, Greenville, SC 29615.


Deadline for Entry

Deadline for entries is January 31, 2022.