2022 Executive Leadership Conference

Networking Opportunities


We will be hosting a number of Networking Opportunities during the 2022 Executive Leadership Conference to help bring our attendees together and have some fun along the way. Please checkout our schedule at a glance to see when events will be taking place. The NASCAR Hall of Fame presents us with some unique opportunities for exciting and fun events that we think you will really enjoy.

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Simulator Race Cars


Experience the thrill of racing on a real NASCAR course! Only here when you hit the wall, you walk away with a laugh and smile. And compete against others at the same time. Get a group of friends and compete together for bragging rights. Or go meet some new people and get in line to join the race! This event is all about meeting new people and reconnecting with others. Want to see more? Click here.

Pit Crew Challenge


Timing is everything, especially when it's race day! Experience the pressure of working with your team to jack up a car, re-fuel, and change the tires. All important tasks needed to win the race. Test your skills against other teams in this challenge. Choose your team carefully. One mis-step and the clock is ticking. This task is all about your team working together and maintaining focus under pressure. The winning team completes the job with the fastest time. Efficiency is key. Want to see more? Click Here.

Qualifying Race Arcade Game


Test your driving skills against others. Bring a friend or two and select your course together. Then, wave good bye as you take off on green and keep your car under control. Take your car the distance and keep it on the track, and you might just win the race! The best time wins! And nobody loses, you just met a new friend and can race again.

Top Golf Event - Tuesday, April 5th


Tuesday evening we will be hosting a Top Golf event, including dinner & drinks to enjoy a fun event built around networking with others attending the Executive Leadership Conference. We encourage everyone to sign up so you can promote your business to other attendees and have some fun! We also have a sponsorship available if your company would like to reach maximum exposure at this networking event.


Golf Outing - Wednesday, April 6th


As a closer to this exciting event, AIMCAL is hosting a Golf Outing for those who would like to take part in the classic golf outing everyone has come to know and love. Join us on the course to promote your business and compete against other attendees while having some fun along the way.



Have any questions about upcoming networking opportunities? Contact Tim Janes, AIMCAL Member Outreach Director.

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