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A business unit of Tredegar Corporation with a subsidiary, Terphane Ltda, located in Cabo, Brazil.

Business Description: Terphane is a vertically integrated specialty PET film manufacturer having over 45 years of film production, coating and metallizing experience. Terphane has developed core technologies and processes in film making to offer a broad range of products to meet the needs of the flexible packaging and industrial markets. Continued investments in new technology and latest in equipment have enabled Terphane to be a leader in key segments of these markets.

The product range includes: Surface modified PET using corona treatment, co-extrusion and coatings to enhance the adhesion of inks, adhesives and metal, also in combination offering 2-side modified films; transparent barrier PET to extend shelf-life in MAP applications and improve aroma barrier; metallized PET for barrier and decorative applications; SEALPHANE heat sealable PET for lidding (peelable/sealable;resealable) and permanent seal applications; pigmented PET; ultra-thin PET; surface altered PET to impact COF for applications requiring special handling characteristics; matte PET; biodegradable and PCR containing films

Terphane has film production assets in both the United States and Brazil and has developed a comprehensive logistics network to provide its products and services on a worldwide basis. Having recently increased both its film production and metallization capacity, Terphane continues to grow by offering PET film solutions to meet the dynamic needs of its customers and the markets it serves.

Products: Thin polyester films, specializing in barrier (clear and opaque), heat sealable & pigmented PET.

Capabilities: Coating, Metallizing & Slitting.

Key Contact:

Marcos Vieira

R&D Manager

2754 West Park Dr.

Bloomfield, NY 14469-9386

Phone: 585-657-5834

Fax: 585-657-5838

Email: [email protected]

Key Contact 2:

Lucas Prette

R&D Coordinator

BR 101 Km 101 s/n

Cabo, PE Brazil 54500-000

Phone: +55(81)2129-7633

Fax: +55(81)2129-7600

Email: [email protected]

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