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Parent Company: Nordmeccanica Spa, strada dell'Orsina 16b, Piacenza Italy 29100 Phone: +39 0523 596411


- Nordmeccanica Vacuum srl, the Nordmeccanica Group Company manufacturing Vaccum Metallizers for flexible substrates.

- Nordmeccanica LA, Sa. Sales and after sales services for Latin America. Avda Presidente Peron 2612 "1A" Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: +54 11 4464 3039 +54 11 4464 3039

- Nordmeccanica China, Sales and after sales services for China. Room 2105 - Chengdu North Road 500, Shanghai, China 200003 Phone: +86 21 53753197/8/9

- Nordmeccanica India Pvt. Ltd., Sales and after sales services for India. TI C, B Wing, 5th floor, Phenix House, High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Road, lower Parel - Mumbai - 400 013 - India. Phone +91 22 67722300.

Business Description: Nordmeccanica NA provides Sales and After Sales services for all Nordmeccanica products in North America as well as after sales service for Galileo Metallizers. With 250+ machines delivered yearly, Nordmeccanica is the largest manufacturer of Coating, Laminating and Vacuum Metallizer Equipments. Innovation, Quality, Service are company rules. A unique integrated design allows Nordmeccanica to provide the industry with reliable products at the best value for money. Products cover every need in Coating and/or Lamination of paper, films and foil for: Flexible Packing; Industrial Products; Labels and more. Product line also includes innovative Vacuum Metallizers for paper and film.

Duplex; Triplex; Quadraplex; Multi Layer: high performances 2,3,4,5 Ply coaters/laminators in one pass. Dry-Wet Bond and 100% Solid. With standard integrated Coating Head Interchangeability for quick set-up and flexibility.

Duplex Wax/Hot-Melt; Fusion: Coaters/laminators for thermoplastic resins.

Duplex-Triplex Foil: for Foil coating applications.

Simplex: the legendary line of compact coaters/laminators introduced first to the industry by Nordmeccanica in the early 90's. Every product is available with a required mix of: single position; full automatic or Shaft-less Unwinds and Rewind.

Duplex SL One Shot: the innovative laminator for quick solvent less adhesive curing developed in cooperation with Dow and ready for SymbiexTM family of adhesives.

One Shot, the new patented laminator for 3-ply lamination in single pass using solvent free adhesives only.

All products come factory ready with UL/CSA certificate.
Meter Mixing pumps for 2 and 3 components adhesives

World Mixer: the most sold meter mixer pump for 100% solid, two components adhesive the first ever to feature: gear pumps technology and removable reservoir design.

World Mixer SB, the new 3 components adhesives meter/mixer. Fully certified for Solvent Based use.
Vacuum Metallizers

A full range of Roll to Roll Vacuum Metallizers for all applications. Incorporating innovative design that allows industry leading performance in quality, speed and reliability for all roll to roll production needs, including all types of film and paper. Modular in design the addition of clear barrier, partial (printed metallization), Copper and Zinc Sulphide among others can be included at any time during the life of the machine. With over 350 installations across the globe Nordmeccanica Vacuum has the process knowledge to make any application a reality.

Key Sales Contact:

Giancarlo Caimmi

155 Ricefield Lane

11787 Hauppauge, NY

Phone: 631-242-9898

Fax: 631-242-9899

Email: [email protected]

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