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Business Description: Intellivation is a leading manufacturer of vacuum web coating equipment featuring unique innovative state-of-the-art design and powerful automation. We offer roll-to-roll vacuum coaters and metallizers in widths from 50mm to 2000mm, including rotary and planar magnetrons, evaporation technology, substrate pretreatment sources, and in-situ monitoring. Our on-site Application Lab featuring the R2R500 roll-to-roll vacuum coater provides the ability to support customers with thin film coating development services on flexible substrates including metal foils, polymers, textiles, nonwovens, flexible glass and flexible ceramics. We provide solutions for barrier, medical, security, defense, flexible electronics, and other functional coatings for a wide range of market applications.
Products / Services / Brands: Intellivation’s R2R Series vacuum coating solutions offer the ability to directly scale from a lab or product development system to full production. Our solutions range from 50 mm to 2 meter wide vacuum deposition systems, each including fully integrated controls and a wide range of process options including PVD, sputtering, reactive sputtering, evaporation, PECVD, plasma treatment and etching. Multiple in-situ metrology technology choices provide for quality assurance of films and allow rapid development cycles. The powerful and intuitive Smart Control system includes data logging and recipe-based processing to allow for large DOE work (>300 per run) and streamlining product development.
Capabilities: Intellivation’s unique ability to provide R2R Series vacuum roll to roll coating systems with a compact and ergonomic design, enables customers to accelerate their time to market and meet production requirements. The R2R platform allows for multi-pass, multi-zone depositions allowing for complex, functional coatings. The R2R series supports a variety of vacuum processes such as magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation, and others providing the ability to deposit thin films of metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides, metal alloys, semiconductors, magnetic materials and polymers. The in-house Application Lab features our R2R500 coater and can be utilized to perform trial coatings, demonstrate proof of concepts, and develop new ideas. The Lab system handles multiple flexible substrates & thicknesses including metal foils, polymer webs, textiles, flexible glass, flexible metals, and flexible ceramics, with coated widths up to 500mm.

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Liz Josephson

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Vacuum coating roll to roll web equipment
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Systems Service and Support for Vacuum Equipmnet

Equipment and solutions for vacuum roll coating and in-house Lab system for process and product development of web coating processes.
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Mike Simmons


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