Has your company made an impact on the industry?  Get recognized by your peers by submitting your entry to win a prestigious AIMCAL AWARD. Winners are announced at the annual AIMCAL Management meeting. They receive exposure within international, industry news media as a winner of the AIMCAL awards and receive an Award plaque recognizing their company as an annual AIMCAL Award Winner. Submissions are open until January 31, 2022.

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The categories for the AIMCAL AWARDS are:
  • Product of the Year 
  • Technology of the Year
  • Sustainability of the Year
General criteria to consider are as follows:
  • Features and benefits – immediate and projected long-term
  • Impact on the Industry
  • General technical importance, uniqueness and usefulness.
  • Degree of technical contribution by the applicant company to the total technology (when more than one company is involved in the same technology).
Submissions should have:
  • Clear legible type, preferably bullet points which can reference attachments
  • Descriptive text that differentiate from competition/status quo
  • Minimum eight flat samples and two filled for applicable entries
  • Outside party testimonials when possible with verifiable supporting data
Application text should refer to results such as:
  • Quality improvements
  • Degrees of difficulty
  • Problems solved
  • Efficiency improvements (internally as well as throughout supply chain)
  • Each form ends with a final summary as to why submission deserves an award
More specific criteria are included within the entry form.  We welcome input as to how the applications and overall process can be improved.  

All AIMCAL member companies are encouraged to submit their innovations for consideration.  Award Winners will be recognized at the annual AIMCAL Management Meeting.  We appreciate those who take the time to participate and look forward to celebrating the best in our industry each and every year.
Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions or comments. Phone: 803-948-9470 or email: [email protected]